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The Seker Invest Research Department

Protecting the savings of investors against risk, and tuning into market developments that present an opportunity for its customers are the key priorities of Seker Invest. Its broadly-skilled and experienced staff enable the Seker Invest Research Department to keep its customers informed in the most comprehensive manner by tracing developments in the markets. In addition, the Research Department provides support to its investors in the form of technical and fundamental analysis and commentary in parallel with its strategies.

The following reports are prepared both in Turkish and English by the Seker Invest Research Department for presentation to its investors:

Periodic Reports:

  • Daily Bulletin
  • Monthly Bulletin
  • Annual Strategy Report
  • Market Indicators Table
  • Recommendation List
  • Weekly and Monthly Agenda
  • Foreign Transactions Report
  • Macroeconomic Reports

Non-Periodic Reports:

  • Company Reports
  • Sector Reports
  • Macro Data Reports
  • Company Visits Notes
  • Financial Statement Analysis Reports
  • Analyst Presentation Notes