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Shares of the companies from different sectors, Stock Exchange funds, goodwill coupons, warrants and certificates are being traded in the Borsa Istanbul. Equipped with a high potential to earn share certificates, it is also a high risk investment instrument. With Şekeryatırım experienced expert staff, you are always at your side with all trading channels so that you can keep up with changing market conditions and make quick decisions.


Warrants are equity instruments in the form of securities that give the entity the right to buy or sell the underlying asset at a pre-determined price on a specified date and that is used with a cash settlement. In other words, warrants are securitized states of options. Warrants do not obligate the investor when granting a right. Buying and selling offers the opportunity to take positions regarding the movement of the underlying capital market instrument or the both movements of the index, through warranties, Warrants are traded through the market maker method. Issuers bid quotations through market makers. Quotations direct the market on realistic prices. Market makers allow investors to enter positions and exit positions at realistic prices.


Stock exchange mutual funds (ETFs) are mutual funds that are based on an index, whose purpose is to reflect the performance of the underlying index on the investor and whose shares are traded on the stock exchanges.


Real estate certificate issued by Capital Markets Board ; is a nominal value equal capital market instrument that represents certain area units of independent sections or independent sections of a real estate project that issuers are exported for use in financing real estate projects to be built or being undertaken.


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