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Terms and Conditions
This site belongs to and is operated by Şeker Invest. Information appearing at this website has been totally or partially obtained from Şeker Invest, Foreks and other sources, protected by international copyright and trademark laws. The contents may not be copied or distributed to any other persons or stored for future use in computer systems.
Rejection of Responsibility

The site provides links to websites operated by third parties. Şeker Invest and/or related companies are not auditing the information, services and/or products provided by these websites in any way. Materials in this site, as well as the websites at provided links are presented without any changes and Şeker Invest does not provide any direct or indirect warranties for these materials. 

Şeker Invest does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and security of the information provided herein or in third part websites, as well the functioning of a service unit regarding the forum areas. Şeker Invest does not warrant protection against viruses or other harmful elements. Website users are responsible from any repair and/or maintenance costs which may arise by the use of this website.

Forum Areas
Message forums and chat rooms aim to provide Şeker Invest with customer feedback and real-time communication between the users. Şeker Invest does not audit the information, messages and/or files sent through forum areas. Users of this website and/or forum areas are supposed to accept the following conditions; i. Not obstructing the use of the website and forum areas by others. ii. Avoiding the use of illegal, humiliating and embarrassing content in line with local and international law. iii. Complying with privacy and trademark conditions. iv. Avoiding to conduct materials and/or software infected by viruses or any other harmful elements. Şeker Invest possess the right of removal and/or modification on the content thought to conflict with above conditions, as well the reserving the right for providing information in case of a demand from an administrative, legal or governmental authority.
Limitation of Responsibility
Şeker Invest and/or related companies are not responsible from any direct, indirect or coincidental losses arising from the usage of Şeker Invest materials. Users are supposed to agree with Şeker Invest’ limitations of responsibility by using the website.
Cancellation of Agreement
This agreement is valid until its cancellation by Şeker Invest at any time, without a warning in advance. In case of cancellation, your authorization for access to forum areas will be removed and restrictions for material downloads from forum areas and other restrictions and responsibility limitations listed in this agreement will still be valid. 

This agreement will be in effect in full conformance with the laws of the Turkish Republic.
Data Protection and Privacy
Şeker Invest respect the privacy rights of website users and will therefore comply with the listed conditions: You may reach Şeker Invest by e-mail through sekeryatirim@sekeryatirim.com.tr. If necessary, Şeker Invest will be plain in demanding personal information. We may use your personal information while operating Şeker Invest and may sometimes inform you with the updates about new properties, services and/or products of Şeker Invest and/or Microsoft Co. 

Şeker Invest may place ’cookies’ in your web browser to obtain information about your website usage (not your personal information) and enable the establishment of a relation with the website and provided information. 

This agreement will be in effect in full conformance with the laws of the Turkish Republic.