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Investment Advisory

The Seker Invest Investment Advisory Department


In step with the rapid development and innovative nature of the financial markets, investment instruments have also become diversified. This diversity underlines the investor's need to access the most up-to-date information in order to best evaluate their savings.

The Seker Invest Investment Advisory Department provides investment advisory related to capital market instruments by sharing its investment proposals as quantitative, basic and technical -based analysis with its investors.

The Department assists its investors in developing informed risk perception and in so doing, best determines investor’s behavioral preferences towards the financial markets, within the framework of requirements and legal regulations. Our department, which works in coordination with the research department and is staffed by experts in their field, responds by meticulously evaluating investor inquiries.


You can access the following reports and services prepared by our Investment Advisory Department:

  • Daily Bulletin
  •  VİOP Bulletin
  • Technical Bulletin
  • Weekly Foreign Securities Stocks Data
  • Monthly Foreign Investor Transactions