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Fixed Income Trading

Treasury and Government Bonds

A Treasury bill is defined as a short-term debt obligation backed by the government with a maturity of less than one year. Borrowing instruments with a maturity of more than a year are classified as Government bonds.

Providing a fixed income opportunity with a negligible risk of default is the most important feature of these instruments. Şeker Invest provide depository of these instruments in the ISE Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. in the name of its customers at no charge.

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Repo is the investment tool you may use when maturity of Treasury and Government bonds doesn’t fit well for your investment purpose. Repo facilitates valuation of your savings at various maturities starting with one day.

While you may value your savings through daily repos, you may use this tool during waiting periods between separate investment transactions as well.

All outstanding balances of Şeker Invest customers exceeding TRY100 mn are valued through a daily repo. In addition, customers are able to conduct repo until 14:00 in all Şekerbank branches through mediation of Şeker Invest.

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